Jan. 5th, 2009

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Hello :)

I guess this is my first official public post in 2009. This is also my first time using facebook, and testing out a few of the RSS feeds. I had to mark all of my old entries as friends only to keep the RSS feed from picking them up. Then again they where all over 2 years old and should be put back into the dust :p.

So.. what is up.. Status of the "me" at this moment.

Still living in College Park,MD
Girlfriend still living with him (and we have not only managed to not kill each other, but seem to be rather happy ;p)
Have one black cat that likes to play string and feather a lot, when not trying to put our legs to sleep by being a lap cat.
I am playing a few online games like nine online, World of Dungeon, as well as Atlantica Online.
I am slowly exiting out of playing Warhammer Online.
I work as a contractor to the government.
I try to organize a board game group once a month (time and people permitting) .
I play poker once in a blue moon with friends.

hmm... that is my point in life as bullet points (at least what I can put into a public post :p) .... Now I just need to find a photo I like and post it later to facebook heh.

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