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The Stock

Silent had plotted and planned for weeks for this day, and now that it was here, he had to use all of his control to play it cool. He had managed to install an old-fashioned wooden stock in the spare room of his house, and he could not wait to lure a few of his friends into trying it out. It had taken weeks to order all the right parts and build it, but he had a feeling it was going to be worth it. Right now his mind was set on Jill, as they had necked around and had sex once or twice, and as a plus she had expressed a lot of interest in certain kinky activities. Silent had even gotten Jill to describe some of her more interesting bondage fantasies when they were both a tad drunk one night. Now all he had to do was set the stage and see just how much like a cat Jill was--because curiosity always got the better of a cat.

Setting the stage.... )
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A story I wrote a while back. Final Draft as my friend edited it for me :)

What color are my eyes? )
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Here is a story that flowed out of my a few week ago. I enjoy writing it a lot, and hope you all enjoy :)

An Angel Falls to Earth )

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Here is Day 3 (IE weekend 3 of the 3 weeking story I wrote).

*wonders if he should post it on any of the story archives*

I hope you all enjoy :)

Story: Plotting and Planning bears fruit (Part 3 of 3 days) )
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Here is the 2nd weekend of my story. It all builds up to the 3rd weekend that I will post next week. :)

I really enjoy writing stuff like this, but it is not easy, and it needs a spark to start :)

Promise Kept(day 2 of 3) )
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I have not posted many of my stories (and none here), but I had a friend of mine help edit(I can not spell to save my life and a few gramor mistakes always sneak by) this story a while back and I think it is one of my better stories.

It is a 3 day story. This is only day one. I will get around to posting the rest sooner or later, unless people ask me to post sooner *nods*.

Teasing Promises Given )

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