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Birthdate:Mar 28
Location:Maryland, United States of America
Website:My favorite stumble images
I am a semi-normal guy, with interesting tastes in a number of subjects. I am loyal to my friends, and enjoy meeting new people. I have a few of my interests listed here, so it should not be too hard to figure out a little about me. I enjoy erotic stories and pictures. I get suckered into way too many on-line games, but I seem to get as much out of them as I put into them. I enjoy playing most card games (but I just do not like bridge, it takes too much brainpower when I just want to be socail), and most of the board games.

If you have a question, feel free to ask ;)

Small side note: A lot of my journal is Friends only (except for silly stuff and stories). This is because a growing number of things I post about include my friends, and I need to keep them safe as well as myself.

I also have a stumble favorites thing, just in case you wanted to be amused by what I marked as "I like".

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