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Concept: 2 young girls get their just dues for having too good a time while under the legal drinking age at a busy bar.

*small note* I wrote this almost 2 years ago, but just never got around to posting it. Someone said I should post it, so I figured why not ;)

Jeanne was at the bar serving drinks to her customers as she always does every Saturday night. Even thought she owned the bar and did not have to work at it, she saved a lot of money by not having to hire another employee and made her feel more in control when she could keep an eye on things. She was always looking for little things that people do that might cause trouble. She had been keeping her eye on one of the table on the far side of the bar, as it had a large group of men buying round after round for themselves, but more importantly the table also had two young girls flirting with all the men. She knew they would be trouble, but was too busy most of the night to worry about them too much. At least that table was ordering more and more rounds of beer. The bar got real busy for the rest of the night, so she did not get a chance to take a closer look until much later..

Jeanne had just finished helping pour the drinks for the last call, when she had the change to leave the area behind the bar to get a closer look at the back table. They all looked drunk, and the 2 young girls looked a big disheveled from all the attention they had been getting from all the men. When she finally got a good look at two girls she saw there was no way they where of legal drinking age, and wondered how they got into the bar. They where wearing jean shorts, and tank tops that left very little of their bodies to the imagination. She went over to the bouncers at the door and points out the women to them, and asks if they had checked their ID's. They both seemed surprised to see those 2 girls in the bar. They both said they would remember those two, and neither of would have let them. That made up her mind; she would get to the bottom of this before the night was out.

She told the two bouncers to hold the girls when they tried to leave. Jeanne then called out that it was closing time. As the people started to clear out, she knew there was going to be a bit of commotion at the front door, so she hung around. The men that where with the women where raising a fuss when the bouncers stopped the 2 girls for leaving, and the girls where demanding to be let go. She walked over to one of the women and grabs her purse from her, and fished out her wallet and ID, while she was screaming bloody murder. She then looks at the men, and tells them to leave fast unless they want to be know for breaking the law with a couple of underage girls. All the men eyes got wide at that, and they all left in a flash muttering about knowing that those girls where too good to be true. She then turns to look at the girls again, and grabs the other girls purse and to her ID also. The blond girl, who's name was Jill from her ID, gave her a dirty look, and said, "We are not jail bait, we are both legal!". The red haired one who's ID named her as Tamara nodded her head in agreement. Jeanne said, "While that might be true, they did not know that, and even if you are of age to have sex, you are not of age to be in this bar legally". She then takes the purses and the ID's with her behind the bad and puts them into the mini safe and locks it. When she walks back to the girls who where starting too look a little scared, she said "Underage drinkers can cost me my bar if the cops found out about it. Now I know you all snuck in here somehow, and I mean to get to the bottom of all of this". Jill tries to use a forceful voice, "Give us back our purses and we will never come back here, you can not just take our stuff". Jeanne just shakes her head, and says, "You all are in here illegally and have been breaking the law all night, so do not get all high and mighty on me, I mean to get some answers out of you and teach you a bit of a lesson about breaking the law and what the consequences to others might be". "You will get your purses back when I am done with you, and do not even think about running out of here without them, cause I will just turn them over to the police, and make sure you all get a criminal record".

Her employees had been cleaning the bar up for closing and where use to their boss being very demanding and having her own way to handle issues, so they just turned a blind eye and got to their own work. Jeanne got an idea and called out to her employees "Hey everyone, you all can go home early tonight, it seems I just got two volunteers for cleanup duty tonight". They all cheered and went to get their stuff to take off early for the night. She asked the two bounces to help the staff get to their cars safely and then they had the rest of the night off as well. The bouncers asked if it was ok to leave her alone with the 2 girls, and Jeanne who was a tall and strong women from working at a bar most of her life looked the girls over and thought she could break them in two with her bare hands, as they where cute and curvy but did not look all that strong. They also did not seem to be putting up much of a struggle with the bouncers and tended to do as they where told. "These two will not be any problem for me, will you two", Jeanne said as she smacked her fist into her hand startling them both. They both shook their heads no. The bar cleared out of fast, leaving just Jeanne, Jill, and Tamara. Jill and Tamara where looking a little scared at this point no knowing what this bar owner wanted with them..

Jeanne turned to the two girls and put her hands on her hips. "OK you two, here it the deal, I am going to punish you for risking my business, and then you are going to work to clean up the bar as partial payment for the trouble you are causing, since I had to let my staff go early to take care of you two. If you both do everything I tell you to do when I tell you to do it, then you will get your purses back and be on your way, else I will call the cops and turn you over to them saying you where stealing and I wish to press charges." The two girls got real wide eyes at that, looked like they wanted to complain about this unfair treatment, but before they got the change to voice any of them, Jeanne continued in a very loud and demanding voice, "Do either of you two have a problem with this?!". They both jumped at that and said, "No". "You will show me some respect, as I build this place from the ground up, and you risked me losing all that hard work tonight, you will call me ma'am", Jeanne told them with hands on hips and still glaring at them. "Yes Ma'am", they both said in union.

"OK, Put your hands behind your neck and hold your elbows back". As Jill and Tamara did this, Jeanne notices that she can easily see their nipples rock hard threw their bra and tank tops, as well as their breathing speeding up just a little. "OK, we are going to start with some simple corporate punishment, who wants to go first?" Jeanne asks. Jill and Tamara look at each other with wide eyes. Jill opens her mouth to say something but is unable to say anything, so she just closes it again. "Ok, you all can not pick, so I will pick for you, but I am not sure which is worse, going first, or watching the one that goes first knowing you will be next.", Jeanne tells them. Jeanne gets a devilish grin and points to Tamara and says, "YOU!", and takes a pause then says, "You will get to watch", just to watch all the emotions play out over both of their faces. First Tamara looks scared, then relieved then worried, while Jill looked relieved and then scared. She points to a spot on the floor about 5 feet away from the bar and tells Tamara to kneel there while waiting her turn. "I want you to have a nice good view of what you are about to have done to you soon, and keep those elbows back", she tells Tamara. Jeanne turns to Jill and smiles an even more wicket smile, "It is my believe all punishment should have some measure of humiliation in it, and any time I spank someone, I always want it on the bare skin, so pull those shorts and panties off". Jeanne walks behind the bar to get her yardstick, while Jill is left to pull her shorts down. When she walks back around the bar, Jill had her heels and shorts around her ankles, but still had on her panties. "I said I want you butt naked, and I mean NOW!", she yells at her while slapping the yard stick against the top of the bar, scaring Jill half to death. "What are you waiting for, strip!", she yells at Jill while she walks right up to Jill and towers over her. Jill in a moment of pure panic striped out of her panties and pulled up her shirt and hooks her bra off as well, completely forgetting she was only asked to remove her shorts and panties. "While I only needed your panties, off I think I like this just as much., Jeanne tells Jill with an amused smile.

"OK, up on these bar stools, one knee on each", she tell Jill while tapping the bar stool with the ruler to add effect. After Jill climbs up on the stools, she tells Jill to reach forward and grab the far edge of the bar. Jeanne watched as Jill inched up her hips right against the edge of the bar so she can reach the other edge. Jeanne then walks behind her and rubs her ass with the yardstick a little while thinking for a moment. "This needs slightly adjusted I think", and then she kicks the two bar stools a little further apart spreading Jill's legs and knees a lot farther apart, and exposing her pussy and ass to both Tamara and Jeanne. "You have a nice body, and you sure flaunting this ass off. Did you used the hope of get between your legs to get those men to buy you everything you wanted tonight? Hmm no matter, that is not the question I want answered just now", she told Jill while she tapped between her legs with the ruler causing Jill to jump just a little and turn a deep red in embarrassment.

"First a small warm up and then you will answer a few questions for me.", Jeanne said. She turned to Tamara and said "Why do you not hold this for me for a sec", as she ran the yardstick threw Tamara's elbows and behind her head. This forced Tamara to keep her head back to put pressure on the ruler that was now slid between her two elbows that she was holding to her sides and slightly back. Jeanne, then tells Tamara, "Spread your knees wide, as it is only fair that you be spread the same as your friend". After watching Tamara spread her knees apart Jeanne turned back to Jill that was now trembling a little from all the anticipation. She stands to the side to give Tamara a good view and herself lots of room to swing, and starts to slowly spank Jill. Working from one cheek to the other, she starts to gain speed and force until she was spanking her real hard and real fast. SMACK. SMACK. Smack. After about 40 swats, she announces that the warm up is done and now for the real punishment can begin. Jill just whimpers a little at that. Jeanne walks over to Tamara and forced her face up to meet her eyes. "So enjoying the show little red?", She asks. As Tamara tried to answer with a sentence, Jeanne just puts a finger on her mouth. "The correct answer is Yes Ma'am". "Yes Ma'am" Tamara answers. Jeanne then runs her hands along both of Tamara's arms very slowly causing Tamara to shiver a little from the contact, before she reaches the ruler held between her elbows and slides it free. Tamara almost had a look of lust on her face from such close contact she was having with Jeanne, as Jeanne was almost within an inch of her face to reach the yardstick from this approach. Jeanne runs the yardstick over Tamara's shoulder and over one of her breasts as she backs up from Tamara, just to see her reaction.

Jeanne talks a few test swings in the air with the yardstick causing a flinch from Jill, who was still naked on the bar with knees spread and exposed for both of them to see all her charms. "So, now a few questions. How did you two sneak into my bar, when I know you did not come threw the front door", Jeanne asks them. When she got no answer she swung the ruler down onto Jill's ass with a swoosh sound followed by a smack. Jill bit back a scream from the impact of the blow, but it was a close thing. "Let me ask again, how did you two sneak into my bar?" Jeanne asks again, but waits only a moment before swinging the ruler a little higher on Jill's ass this time. Jill let out a strangled gasp from that blow. Jeanne swings 4 more hard hits against Jills Ass and lower thighs, before she pauses. Jeanne just tisks a little at this, "I can go all night if I have to, and trust me when I say this can get way more intense than this simple punishment, as I WILL have my answers before the night is out". Jeanne then swings the ruler again onto Jill's thighs and just sending the impact right threw her legs, causing Jill to flinch her ass and vagina mussels.

"hmm I am getting tired of asking this question, so here is the deal, I am going to start to smack you with this ruler until one of you tells me how you got into my bar." Jeanne turns to Tamara and takes the 3 large step toward her and slams the ruler on the floor between her legs and then lifts it up to put pressure right on her pussy threw her jeans causing a gasp from her, as she says, "You can save your friend and maybe yourself a lot of pain by answering this question now." Tamara turns her head away a little, and makes no sound. "So that is your answer as well, not willing to help your friend avoid any pain", she said as she slowly moved the ruler up over the zipper of her shorts, and then over her stomach and between her breasts. She then used the ruler to force Tamara's head to turn back up to meet her eyes again. "That choice might come back to haunt you soon", Jeanne tells her as she turns back to Jill. Jeanne walks over to Jill and runs her hand down her bare back and over her very red ass with two long ruler marks already becoming visible, with the rest she knew would show up soon. The fingers trailing down her back and ass caused Jill to shake and cry out a little, almost more than the spanking did.

Jeanne pulls back the ruler and lets it land with a nice thwap sound against Jill's ass. Then just like the hand spanking, she started to speed up the tempo and strength of the blows. After about 3 minutes, Jill was crying, beat red in both face and bottom, and sweat was dripping from her body from holding her position so long. A lot of nice long welts where also starting to rise up as well. Jeanne wanted her answer, and she was not going to stop until she got them, and so the rain of blows kept coming, even when she had to reach over Jill with her arm to hold her down and in place from all the trashing she was doing now. When too many welts got raised on her bottom, she moved to the inner thighs and further down the back of the legs. After another 3 minutes goes by and then Jill breaks, and screams she will tell. Jeanne stops, and wipes the sweat off her brow from the workout she just did herself. Jeanne smiles a victory smile and helps the trembling Jill sit up. She is too scared to close her legs, so she is now still facing the bar kneeling with her knees spread on the bar stools. Jeanne jumps up onto the bar right where Jill was just lying across and just inches from Jill. "That is a good girl, now tell ma'am all you know.". Tamara cries out "No Jill don't tell", but one angry look from Jeanne over Jill's shoulder shuts her up fast. "Ok, you where saying little one?", Jeanne asks. Jill says in between sobs, "We had one of the staff sneak back to the fire exit near the bathrooms and let us in", then as a fast after thought "Ma'am".. Jeanne was angry now, but not at Jill. Jeanne starts to stroke Jill's arms and back and pulls her to her for a hug. "Now does that not feel better now that you told me, little one? Now which one of my staff let you in?", Jeanne asks in a very lightly dangerous voice. Jill answers "Oh I wish I knew ma'am you got to believe me I have no idea who it was, as I never saw them, cause the door was already unlocked when we came threw, oh please believe me ma'am". Jeanne pulled Jill from her hug and stared her in the eyes, "and you expect me to believe that neither of you knows the name of this friend?". Jill starts to sob a little more and says, "I have no idea, it was one of Tamara's friends". And with that Tamara eyes got very large. "Oh really, one of Tamara's friends, and just in time for Tamara's punishment and questioning", Jeanne said. Jeanne takes her hands and put them to Jill's face and hold her head still while she kissed and tasted the tears off her face, before she kissed Jill on the lips once. When she pulls back she says," You where very brave little one, and you took that punishment very well, but now it is little reds turn.

Jeanne lets go of Jill and hopped off the bar, she offered her hand to Jill to help her down off the bar stools. She had to help support her cause her legs where a little too shaky to support her full weight standing up. Jeanne then sat Jill down on one of the stools facing Tamara, causing Jill to flinch and cry out when her ass touched the leather of the bar stool. Jeanne then went to tower over Tamara.

"So that is why you did not say a word to protect your friend from all that punishment, you where protecting your friend, or is there more to this?". Tamara looks down again and blushes. Jeanne slaps the ruler into her hand causing both Jill and Tamara to jump, as she tells Tamara, "Since you got to see Jill's punishment in the nude, it is only fair she get to see yours completely naked. STAND and STRIP!." Tamara jumped up to her feet fast and slowly started to remove her shirt and bra. Jeanne just stands there, and says "We do not have all day, hurry along". Tamara kicks off her shoes and pulls her panties and shorts down in one motion and steps out of them. Her nipples where still hard as rocks hard as before, much as Jill's had been all this time she just noticed. Jeanne walks behind Tamara, and pushes her toward Jill a little until she is within 2 feet of her. Jeanne then reaches around to pull Tamara to her so she is resting against her front and still facing Jill. "So little red, you would let your friend take all that punishment without even a peep to protect a friend, but I think there is more to it than that". Jeanne then reaches up and pinches one of Tamara's nipples and uses her feet to kick Tamara's legs apart, while her other hand reaches between her legs. She pulls her hand from between Tamara's legs and they where dripping with her juices. "I think you enjoyed my humiliating and punishing of your friend and here is the proof". Tamara just stutters a little and hangs her head in shame while she turned her own shade of red. Jill just looks on at her friend in wonder and betrayal "or maybe the thought that you would have to go threw it all yourself is what turned you on, lets test that out", Jeanne said. Jeanne then takes her hand off of Tamara's beast and nipple and reaches into her red mane of hair and grabs a handful and pulls it tight while she walks her over to the side of the bar and forces her onto a set of stools right beside where Jill was sitting. "You saw how Jill was, assume the same position, and Jill go where you saw Tamara kneeling and kneel how you saw her, legs spread with hands behind your neck and elbow back".

"So how does it feel to be as exposed as you saw Jill? Knees spread, totally nude, and about to be punished.", Jeanne asks Tamara, "Little Red is still not answering, but her blush gives away a lot". "So you like a little humiliation with your punishment, please correct me if I am wrong.", Jeanne whispers into Tamara's ear. Jeanne with her hand still in Tamara hair forces her head back at the same time as it forced her beasts and chest into the bar with more force. Jeanne takes her free hand and starts to cares Tamara's bottom., "Just think of the view Jill now has of you. She is kneeling behind you like you where, and with your legs spread the same way; she can see all your charms as well. She can see how aroused you are, we all know you for the little kinky slut you are now." Jeanne taunts Tamara. "Here, let me help expose your arousal level", she says, as she slips her hands between Tamara's legs and with two of her fingers pulls her pussy wide open and sticks her middle finger right in. "Look at how aroused she is Jill, and all of this from the watching you get punished and the thoughts she is about to be punished". Tamara tries to lower her head in shame, but Jeanne just keeps a good grip on her hair and makes sure she cannot even hide the shame on her face. "Time for your warm up, little red, I wonder if we can get your bottom to match you hair?, Jeanne taunts as she lets go of Tamara's hair and moves to the side to get a better angle to swing from.

SMACK, the first blow of her hand spanking hits Tamara, and gets more of a gasp of pleasure than a grunt of pain form her. Jeanne just chucks at that and starts to alternate between her checks back and forth just like she did on Jill. She glances over to Jill kneeling totally nude on the floor watching the spanking, and notices she is watching in almost total shock. Jeanne was not sure from knowing this is what Jill saw of her own punishment and just how truly exposed she was, of if she was enjoying the punishment for it's own sakes or if there was a bit of revenge mixed into her emotional state as well. She then stops her spanking to whisper in Tamara's ear, "I think your friend is enjoying watching your punishment almost as much as you enjoyed watching hers'", and with that Jeanne starts to lay into Tamara hard trying to get her ass to match the color of her red hair. After a good 60 blows, she stops, and shakes her arm that was getting tiered from all the swinging. Then she had an idea, and gathered the yardstick again. "Jill, I think you should help punish your friend here.". Jill eyes get wide and she starts to shake her head a little. "Either you give Tamara the same strips that I gave you, or I will put you back on this bar for round 2!!!", Jeanne threatened. Jill jumped up and walked over the Jeanne in a daze as she collected the yardstick from Jeanne. Jeanne walks around the bar to the other side so she can get a better look at Tamara face. "Well, go on, give her a few swings, no reason to be shy, I am sure she would do the same to you", Jeanne tells Jill. Jill takes a swing and hits Tamara lightly on her ass, it was a light blow but still stung Tamara from the bare bottom spanking she had just gone threw. "That was pitiful, give her another one harder", Jeanne tells Jill. Jill takes a little better aim this time and gets a nice swoosh sound and then a nice thwap sound. "Nice, you really are a fast study Jill. And now Tamara, who was this staff member that let you into my bar?". "Please", Tamara said. "Please what?", Jeanne asks. "Please, Please no more", Tamara says. "I have yet to start on you my dear girl, and I will get my answer out of your hide, even if it is literally". "Jill keep spanking her until I motion for you to stop", Jeanne commands. Jill starts to lay into her friend with a lot more passion than Jeanne thought she had in her. Jeanne was also enjoying the sight of a nude Jill standing and swinging that yardstick so well. It made her breasts swing free and bounce in such a nice way, and the black and blue welted ass just added a perfect look to the overall picture. Jeanne had been enjoying the power plays and punishment all night, but with two nude girls under her thumb, she was really starting to get even hornier that she thought possible, but business first. Jeanne then notices wetness on her hand, and looks down and sees the tears had started to run freely from Tamara and where now landing on her hands that where still on either side of Tamara head.

Jeanne knees down a little and puts her hand back into Tamara Red mane of hair and forced her head back so she can look her right into the eyes. Jeanne just noticed that Tamara had mascara on and Jill did not, cause Tamara's had run down her checks giving her a very sexy and vulnerable look with the black around her eyes running down into two black rivers over her checks. The blows kept raining down, and Jill was almost in a trance as she swung the yardstick over and over. Jeanne puts her face just inches from Tamara and tells her "All you have to do is give me the name and your punishment will end. Is protecting this employee worth all of this pain? Or if you will not give me the name to stop the pain, at least give me the name to please me and bring me pleasure." Jeanne then lowers her mouth to Tamara's, and gives her a deep kiss, and enjoys the sensation of feeling the blows on her ass travel threw her body into her trembling lips. "I can bring you as much pleasure as pain, or an equal mix, all you need to do is give me a name, little red", Jeanne says when she breaks off the kiss, she forced her face into the bar to expose the side of her face and neck. Jeanne then starts to run her tongue down her neck and over her shoulder to her back, she then forced her head back up with the good hold of her hair she had, and gives her a kiss again. When Jeanne breaks off the kiss, the sound of the swinging of the yardstick is almost surreal, and the thrashing of Tamara was starting to increase. Jeanne then had another idea, on how to break Tamara will even faster, but much sweater. "Jill, why not have some fun with your friend here a little, and play with her pussy and ass some, while you continue your punishment of Tamara?, I am sure Tamara is in no way able to complain or stop you, and I bet she might even enjoy it". Jill looks almost excited to have this much power over her friend and her hands fly toward Tamara's pussy, as she starts to poke, probe and tweak everything. Jill then comes up with a way to put one hand around one of Tamara spread legs to get access to her pussy and clit, while keeping her other hand free to keep swinging the yardstick. She was no longer swinging the yardstick with much force, but just light tads and thwaps now and again, but the effect on Tamara was much more intense now, with the added stimulation.

Jeanne touches her nose to Tamara's nose, and says, "just tell me the name and I will kiss you all night and let you give me as much pleasure as you wish. Would you like to run your hands over my body?, Do you want to kiss me?", she whispers as she sticks her tongue out and licks Tamara red lips. When Tamara nods and tries to stick her tongue out, Jeanne pulls back, just out of reach. "Oh no, you do not get the pleasure of my mouth until you tell me the name". Jeanne just stares into Tamara eyes and strokes her face with one hand and holds control of her head with the other. The action on Tamara pussy and ass was starting to drive her out of her mind, and she was breaking in so many ways. Jeanne starts to whisper sweat words of domination and surrender into Tamara ear, while Jill keeps her torment of Tamara's pussy and ass. Tamara was shaking almost uncontrollable, from tending orgasms, pure lust, desire, and maybe the need and want to submit completely.

"Janet", Tamara cries out. "Janet let us in". Most interesting Jeanne thought, I will have to deal with her tomorrow. Jeanne tells Jill to stop. Jill stops and just stands panting a little from desire and all the work she had been putting into Tamara. Jeanne kept her promise and kissed Tamara long and hard again and as she kiss her, she grabbed Tamara's shoulders and pulled them toward her a little while turning her over. Tamara was now face up with her legs handing down off the bar a little. Jeanne gets up onto of Tamara and with her hands grabbing Tamara's breasts she kisses her some more as a reward for taking her punishment and giver her the name.

Jeanne then remembers Jill still standing there and break the kiss, and stands up. She helps Tamara stand up as well. "OK, the before I take you up to my place to use you for my pleasure all night, something I do not think you all are against anymore, you just need to finish cleaning up the bar.", Jeanne tells them. Jeanne also collects their clothes up and tells them to start washing the tables down. "But what about our clothes", Jill asks. Jeanne just grins and tell them," Oh no, I like watching little girls work nude showing off their punishment on their skin. Have no fear, you will get your clothes back in the morning all nice and clean". Jeanne gets their purses out of the safe and then goes up the stairs in the back of the bar to where she lived and put the clothes in the wash with the purses on top.

It takes another 30 minutes of Jeanne ordering around the two girls into how to clean up a bar, but they final finish up. "OK, up the stairs you two", Jeanne tells them, and follows them up the stairs, she shows them the shower room, and tells them to start to get cleaned up, while she puts their clothes in the dryer. She walks into the shower room with both of them just finishing rinsing off from a fast shower. Jeanne needed a shower, and there was no reason not to have a little fun. Jill and Tamara seemed to be enjoying feeling each other and touching each other's welts and lines from all the punishment they went threw. "I need a shower also, and just my luck I have two nude little helps to make the task go by fast". She points to Jill and tells her she is responsible for her top half and points to Tamara and tells her she is responsible for her bottom half. Jeanne then kicks off her shoes and steps right into the shower still clothes and put her hands up into the air to let them strip her. Jeanne just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of 2 sets of hands and 2 sets of mouths stripping the clothes off her and cleaning her all over. It all blurred into one long sensation for Jeanne, and after a while she just joined with the two girls in the expiration of their bodies as well.

While they where all wet, naked and looking flushed and hot, Jeanne got a picture of them all in a few different positions to remember this night for all time.They all lost track of their passion for a long time, but when the warm water ran out, it chased them all out of the shower real fast.

When Jeanne got to bedroom, she had Tamara lean back into the pillows and open her legs for her to climb and sit between with her back to Tamara, while she then in turn opened her legs for Jill to climb forward and lie down with complete access to her pussy, and let her tongue play with her clit as well, while Tamara reached around to touch her breasts and caress her nipples while slowing kissing and nibbling on her heck and kissing her with passion. After changing positions a few times, they all drifting off to sleep right as dawn cracked.

Jeanne woke up to the girls stirring. She was too tired and curled up into her blanket a little more, but then felt a kiss on her check and the smell of coffee. When she sat up still naked, she saw both Jill and Tamara already dressed, and Tamara handing her a cup of coffee. "Well Ma'am it is almost time for you to start you day and we need to be getting home". Jeanne just smiled at them and takes the coffee and starts to drink. They both lean over and give her a long kiss as they start to head toward the stairs back to the bar. Jeanne asks them one favor as they leave, "Can I see your bottoms one last time, to remind myself what a great time we had last night". They both giggles and lowered they shorts and panties and spread their legs, and then they both bent way over to see the nude Jeanne threw their legs. "You like?" Jill asks. "Yes, you are the best you two, I love you both to death". They pull up their shorts and wiggle them at her as they start down the steps. Then Tamara pokes her head up and asks, "Shale we find a way to sneak in again next month the same as last month," she asks with a wink. Jeanne just laughs and says "You bet, love, and I might even tell you what I do to Janet for letting you con her into being such a bad employee, if you are good".

"Yum, and you know we are ALWAYS good, no matter how bad we are", they both said in union and run down the stairs. Jeanne yells down the steps, "You brats!!!", while laughing her head off. Time to plan what to do with Janet later that day……………..

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